Climbing The Rungs

The Value of Personal Branding

April 21, 2021 Gary Izunwa Season 1 Episode 7
Climbing The Rungs
The Value of Personal Branding
Show Notes

In today’s episode I speak with Afzal Hussein. Afzal is one of the most well-known career YouTubers in the UK with subscribers in excess of 75,000. His channel covers a range of topics from Banking to Finance, mixing it all with a lot of humour. He is also the Founder of Simpley, a career mentoring platform that helps mentees secure internships and graduate schemes.. Prior to this, Afzal started his career as a Banker at Goldman Sachs and completed multiple short internships at other multinationals such as BlackRock and EDF Trading.

In our conversation we discuss a litany of topics such as why so few state school students receive private school scholarships, why employers who focus exclusively on race and/or gender can be seen as performative and the value of building a personal brand. 

This is the first time we've had someone quite famous on the podcast so we are excited for you to listen into the conversation!

Check out Afzal here:

***Please note that the views shared in this podcast by the speakers are personal and do not represent their respective employers.***